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Imagine logging into your website anywhere in the world and making significant modifications to your website without having to go to school or spend hours learning HTML and programming.

Timely and relevant information drives your website attracting visitors and keeping them coming back again. No matter what kind of website you have, you need a full featured and easy-to-use tool to create, edit and publish your content.

Pacific Air Force develops and installs a few different content management solutions enabling you to have complete control over your website's content and structure, depending on your needs and budget. My content management systems enable you to have the following benefits:

Years of experience have shown me that every organization has individual requirements for an effective content management system. Understanding your processes and taking into consideration your immediate and future needs we will provide you with a "right-scale" solution that fits your business case and your budget.

Content Management Benefits:

Integrated Editing Tools
Powerful authoring tools to create, edit and publish web content including easy "Edit this page/area" interface and

Non-technical Content Creation and Publishing
Authors require no programming skills or technical knowledge.

Multi-user Editing
Simultaneous users with different editing rights and password protected access.

Built-in Security
Security and access rights for different types of user: content approvals and go-live authorization.

File and Image Manager
View, Edit, Rename or Delete files. Attach images, files, PDF Documents.

Version Control
Strict version control ensuring that clashing changes are prevented.

Automatic and manual content archiving for reserving and protecting information.

Content Scheduling
Set date when content should be made published on the website and date when it should expire.

Link Management
Creation of contextual cross links stable against restructuring - no more "broken link" problems.

Metadata Creation
Create page title, description, keywords for effective indexing and searching.

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I would recommend Ken Clark's web design and programming services to anyone looking for a cost effective solution to their trickiest web problems!

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